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Class leading Oracle Cloud system integration consultancy and personnel services to the UK, Middle East and Europe

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Our Story

RISE.S.I is a London based Oracle Cloud system integration specialist providing industry leading Oracle application, technology and database consulting and personnel services. 

We were formed with a vision to dedicate our being toward, and execute on providing class leading Oracle Cloud consulting and personnel services. 

We wholly focus on Oracle Cloud enterprise applications and advanced technologies including ERP, EPM, HCM, Customer Experience, SCM, IoT, Machine Learning, AI, Analytics and Database. We focus on Oracle Cloud because we strongly believe Oracle is the world’s leading enterprise applications and technology supplier, and that Cloud based systems are superior. 

Our total focus on Oracle ensures we develop deeper domain knowledge in Oracle system capabilities, allowing us to provide superior services.

At RISE.S.I we believe our people are our differentiating factor, and are dedicated to providing only carefully chosen people who have had their background, history, values and capabilities reviewed to our standards. We have a philosophy that our people are our success (see more at ourpeopleareoursuccess.com), ensuring our company is driven and directed by a unified and empowered approach.

We will always and only provide personnel that we stand by, who meet the high standards of our company ethos. Similarly, we will only provide resources and our services if we are totally confident our people can complete the task required of them to our high standards. As a company we state class leading because our company values, culture, structure and ethos are differentiating factors.

We present a strong and compelling database of onshore and offshore candidates and personnel who are true specialists in Oracle applications and systems.

Formed in 2021, we have strengthened our team and candidate pool, targeting experienced Oracle specialists and leaders (both onshore and offshore), and are committed and vested to delivering. 

At RISE.S.I we give back to our community and ecosystem. For every contract awarded we provide laptops to families in need, give to cancer research and provide support to our team up skilling themselves*. *dependent on contract specifications. Defined in full in our proposal.

RiseSI, where Our People Are Our Success.

What We Offer

RISE.S.I provides leading Oracle Cloud consulting services and personnel to make your Oracle Cloud implementation a success.

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We Understand Your Cloud Requirements

With our team having deep experience in Oracle technologies, business process & data analysis, IT services, project, change & risk, RISE.S.I is uniquely placed to understand your business objectives, and garner a vision to execute delivery.

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We Provide Class Leading Resources

Our team focus on ensuring we source only the resources who meet our company ethos and standards for your requirements. Our resources are certified and where required offer the designated expert qualification that you require (e.g. ACCA or MBA etc).

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We Are Dedicated To Delivering Cloud Success

Our company's success depends on your success, thus it is inherent that, as an organisation aspiring for our own successes we are dedicated to ensuring a great outcome for your organisation. It is an organic process due to our company ethos.

Our Management Team

Our leadership team are dedicated to ensure our common vision, as agreed is adhered to and implemented in a disciplined, transparent, ethical and values driven manner. 

We Provide Class Leading Oracle Cloud Application, Technology and Database Services

Oracle Consulting and Personnel, London United Kingdom, Middle East and Europe.