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Please submit your Oracle resource request / placement or request for proposal (RFP) by following the links below.

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Resource Placement / Recruitment

We resource specialist Oracle Cloud personnel and consultants who have been carefully vetted and reviewed for their suitability providing services under our name. We are a resource centric organisation focused on resourcing candidates who match with our company standards & ethos. 

Follow the below link to submit your requirements or to phone through to our team.

Oracle Cloud Consulting Company RFP Quote London UK

Request for Proposal (Quotation)

You are able to directly submit a request for proposal for your requirements. 

Our team are vested to deliver under an efficient service offering, yet where we focus on constantly adding value for our client. London based, we will work with you to provide an outstanding solution, and provide a service in a flexible form that works to our mutual benefit to ensure success.

Oracle Consulting Company London United Kingdom

About RISE.S.I

RISE.S.I is a London headquartered Systems Integrator wholly focused on Oracle consulting and personnel provision.

We are a niche SI, and dedicate and focus ourselves to Oracle Cloud applications,, OCI & database, enabling us to develop deeper domain knowledge, a select team of personnel and provide higher value outcomes for our clients. 

Class Leading Oracle Cloud Consultancy and Personnel Services

Oracle consulting and personnel London – United Kingdom, Middle East and Europe.