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RISE.S.I for Oracle Analytics Consulting

With Oracle Analytics Cloud, RISE.S.I Oracle analytics consultants deliver leading business analytics services in the Cloud. 

RISE.S.I deliver the Oracle Analytics Cloud platform that will empower business users, data engineers, and data scientists to access and process relevant data, evaluate predictions and make quick, accurate decisions.

Oracle Analytics Cloud addresses the needs of the entire analytics process – from data ingestion, to preparation and enrichment, to visualization and collaboration without compromising security and governance. 

Machine Learning is embedded within your implemented platform, enabling your organisation to become truly data driven, unveiling deeper and enriching insights.

Discovery is at the heart of the tool, with self service capabilities affording easy and fast discovery and visualisations ensuring your organisation can look for insights at pace. Easy to use data augmentation, explainability and machine learning provides for cutting edge capabilities. Together with being cloud-native which ensures ongoing feature updates and innovation (due to Oracle Corporations consistent feature update roadmap), OAC is the leading small to enterprise size analytics application available today.

Business Data & Enterprise Analytics Consulting Services

Centred out of London UK, RISE.S.I is a leading Oracle Business Data and Enterprise Analytics systems integrator providing consultancy, managed and support services for your analytics requirements.

Whether you are only beginning your journey towards becoming truly data driven, and developing your decision making processes with data and analytics, RISESI Limited is here to provide you with the capabilities and tools (including underlying methodology and frameworks), to implement and develop your decision and data driven culture, with Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Database and other advanced Oracle technologies.

Read more about Oracle Analytics Cloud at here or continue below to read about further Oracle Analytics Cloud benefits and what RISE.S.I can do for your organisation.

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Oracle Analytics Cloud Consulting and OAC Consultants - Business and Enterprise Analytics Consulting

A select few benefits of Oracle Analytics Cloud to your organisation

Accelerated data analysis

Automated data analysis, machine learning and prediction capabilities enhance your organisations journey to become truly data driven, removing bias.

Self-Service discovery

Powerful self service capabilities providing the platform for enhanced data manageability (upload, wrangling and augmentation), discovery and insights, with ease and at pace for Business Users, Analysts and Data Scientists alike.

Accuracy and trust in your data

Oracle Analytics Cloud ensures a unified view of your organisations data and metrics, providing accurate and consistent insight across the business. 

Continuous innovation

As it is Cloud technology, Oracle Analytics will continually update with new features and capabilities, ensuring bleeding edge innovation.

Access and analyse all data

Oracle Enterprise Analytics streamlines data access and preparation from all data sources across the business, enabling better, more informed, fact-based decisions.

Oracle Analytics Cloud is an intelligent, continually evolving business intelligence application bringing forth broad and deep business value.

At RISESI Limited, we provide the tools and capabilities, including the methodology and frameworks to support and advance your organisation in it’s data driven journey, and improve decision intelligence capabilities.

Regular capability releases

Oracle Analytics Cloud puts you ahead of the game in the enterprise and business analytics ecosystem. With Oracle investing significantly in Machine Learning, visualisations, automated modelling and predictive capabilities, as well as new emerging capabilities, your Oracle Analytics Cloud platform will continually receive evolving functionality and potential.

Lower cost of ownership

As a Cloud based analytics platform, with prebuilt reports, automated visualisations as well as capabilities including machine learning and predictions, your development and overall cost will be lower when compared to on premise, and can grow inline as demand and business requirements change.

Advanced self service features, discovery & visualisations

Next generation self service functionality of Oracle Analytics Cloud provides you with advanced data manipulation functionality (data preparation and enrichment), augmentation, discovery and visualisation capabilities, at pace to provide you with the analysis tools and insights that your business requires.

Prediction, machine learning, augmented analytics, explainability and anomaly detection

Advanced capabilities include prediction, machine learning, data augmentation, explainability and anomaly detection, to name a few of the advanced embedded features immediately at your disposal.

Other AI and Data Science capabilities exist in app, or can be included as part of your requirements via other modules.

Enterprise business intelligence, dashboards and pixel perfect reports

Oracle Analytics enterprise edition provides for enterprise level business intelligence and dashboards for organisation wide analysis, as well as pixel perfect reporting for your regulatory or formal reporting needs.

Oracle Fusion Analytics prebuilt applications

For those already utilisting Oracle SaaS applications, Fusion Analytics is a family of prebuilt, cloud native analytics applications for Oracle Cloud Applications that provide line of business users with ready-to-use insights that improve decision-making.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition OBIEE Consultants

Next steps for OBIEE customers (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition)

Oracle’s new analytics products give organisations access to self-service data discovery and visualisation and analytics augmented with the power of machine learning, all within your existing deployment, allowing you to leverage your current investments.

If you move to Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can use Oracle’s utilities to “lift and shift” to Oracle Analytics Cloud without losing your development work.

Oracle Analytics Cloud brings the advantage of a managed service where Oracle and RISE.S.I manage the upgrades and the infrastructure.

Alternatively, as an on-premises OBIEE customer, you can still take advantage of Oracle Analytics Server by moving to the latest version.

If choosing the Cloud by moving to Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can Bring Your Own License to offset much of the cost.

As an OBIEE customer, there is no additional cost when you move to Oracle Analytics Server.

See more for customers moving from OBIEE here >

Oracle Analytics Implementation Partner

RISE.S.I is a specialist Oracle Analytics implementation partner with a team vested to deliver. We partner with you on your journey to become data driven, focus and support your business objectives, and provide advanced analytics capabilities that are easily used by business users, analysts and data scientists alike, using Oracle technologies. Please scroll down to reach out to us for any Oracle Analytics requirements you may have.

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