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With Oracle AI and Machine Learning technologies, RISE.S.I Machine Learning consultants, London UK, deliver advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities in the Cloud, at an affordable cost, and with technologies and processes that support your organisation to learn and advanced.

Whether you are searching for advanced analytics, machine learning or AI capabilities, please reach out to your team at RISE.S.I for an assessment and proposal to meet your needs.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence capabilities provided include prediction, anomaly detection, sentiment analysis, text classification, speech transcription, image recognition and classification, object detection as well as advanced analytics including visualisations, graph and spatial analysis. 

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud underpins a common data management, machine learning and analytics configuration, providing Auto ML (Automated Machine Learning), a library of advance algorithms, shareable notebooks, auto insights and discovery and visualisation capabilities.

If you are a Finance or Operations team looking to enhance your predictive capability, search for anomalies, determine market sentiment and analyse your structured and unstructured data with next generation technologies, speed, confidence and insight, Oracle Machine Learning, AI and Analytics Cloud should be considered for your toolset.

Headquartered our of London, UK, RISE.S.I is a specialist Oracle Machine Learning, Data Management & Artificial Intelligence systems integrator providing resources, consultancy, support and managed services. Continue reading on below to see what RISE.S.I can do for your Machine Learning, AI and Analytics requirements.

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Machine Learning Consultants London UK

Some benefits of Oracle Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to your organisation

Supporting your Data Driven Journey

With Oracle Machine Learning, business users, analyst and data scientists alike will be able to predict and uncover insights with advanced algorithms in an easy to use and intuitive Machine Learning environment.

Anomaly Detection and Sentiment Analysis

Uncovering anomalies before they impact operations provides great benefits to organisations.

Similarly, understanding your customers or employees sentiment is of value to ensure you can respond and take action in a timely manner. 

Improved Scalability and Productivity

With Oracle AutoML (Automated Machine Learning), the complicated and time consuming steps are streamlined and automated, leaving you with more time to concentrate on answering the business problems at hand.

Massive Data Consumption & Rapid Processing and Prediction Outputs

You can ingest unlimited amounts of data, structured or unstructured, allowing you to review and modify your strategies based on patterns revealed. 

Predictions based on live data can present the right offer to your consumers at the right time (e.g. market basket analysis).

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Oracle Machine Learning Overview

Leverage the power of Oracle Machine Learning & AI to help intelligently predict, analyse, and report on buying patterns based on regional and demographic features, assess user sentiment or undertake anomaly detection processes, as well as infinite other use cases.

Machine learning applications learn from data and improve their accuracy over time without being programmed to do so. With Oracle Machine Learning, it is now easy for all user types (business users, business analysts and data scientists) to utilise a user friendly Machine Learning capability.

With Oracle Machine Learning on Autonomous Database, we are able to deploy and automate the entire Machine Learning data analysis process workflow, from collaborating in order to obtain data from your data sources, curating and machine analysing the data, and presenting the results in reports. Oracle Machine Learning and AI technologies perform the requested analyses and prediction, and allows you to easily visualise the data to provide deeper, faster and more comprehensive insights, enabling effective business decisions. 

Oracle Machine Learning also provides an SQL Notebook interface to perform machine learning in the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, securely, without moving the data. The algorithm is moved into the database (the data does not need to be moved). Notebooks enable your team to collaborate, to build, to evaluate, and to deploy predictive models and analytic methodologies in a collaborative, user friendly environment.

Machine Learning Consultants and AI Specialist

At RISE.S.I, we provision the capability and empower your team to execute these Machine Learning and AI processes in a simplified manner, enhancing your learning, speed and capability.

As part of our Machine Learning  & AI services, you are provided with access to a library of advanced analytic Machine Learning algorithms, as well as Auto ML (Automated Machine Learning), to simplify the processes a traditional data science team would need to work through. The entire Machine Learning process is now greatly democratised by Oracle’s leading and user friendly Machine Learning application. 

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a leading advanced analytics, discovery and visualisation tool that works powerfully in combination with Oracle Machine Learning, and we recommend a configuration employing both Oracle Data Warehouse (which incorporates Oracle Machine Learning), and Oracle Analytics Cloud (see more here).

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Machine Learning and AI Use Cases

At RISE.S.I, we are able to support and consult on many use cases. Common use cases include:

  • Finance Teams: Enhance your forecasting and scenario planning with prediction.
  • Operations Teams: Analyse web content and social media sentiment with sentiment analysis.
  • Financial Organisations: To identify important insights, including potential fraud with anomaly detection.
  • Websites: Recommending items your clients might like based on previous purchases.
  • Health Care:  Use of medical data to analyse data and find red flags to improve diagnoses and treatment.
  • Retail Industries: Use machine learning to recognise customer spending patterns for targeted marketing or optimise supply chain logistics by recognising outliers or anomalies in their data.
  • Geology and Mining: Finding new energy sources, analysing minerals in the ground, predicting refinery sensor failure, streamlining oil distribution to make it more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Transportation: Analysing data to identify patterns and trends is key to the transportation industry which relies on making routes more efficient and predicting potential problems to increase profitability.
  • Social Media: Uses machine learning to study the patterns in user interactions to suggest connections, items of interest, targeted ads.

Oracle Machine Learning covers many domains and we’d value the time and opportunity to speak to you about any challenge or use case you see as requiring assessment. 

Machine Learning Consultants London UK

Machine Learning & AI Solutions

Cost Effective Machine Learning & AI with RISE.S.I.

Reach out to us for a discussion and pricing terms for your Machine Learning and AI needs.

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Oracle Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
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