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Providing industry leading Oracle recruitment agency services & resource placement to the UK, Middle East and Europe

RISE.S.I for a leading Oracle Recruitment Agency, London - United Kingdom

RISE.S.I is a London headquartered Oracle recruitment specialist with a total focus on Oracle infrastructure, applications, technologies and database. 

Our mission is to supply leading personnel and consultants for your specific requirements, and to ensure we provide business value and flexibility to our clients.

As a focused Oracle recruitment agency and consultant, we are dedicated to sourcing personnel and candidates who have the Oracle certifications, experience and successes that you demand, and that we believe will be vested to deliver.

We present a strong and compelling database, and evolving capability of both onshore and offshore candidates and personnel who are true specialists in Oracle Cloud infrastructure, applications and systems. This provides a blended opportunity for both efficient offshore resource or onshore resourcing options.

RiseSI, where we recognise that Our People Are Our Success.

Supporting your organisation

RiseSI is focused on supporting both large and small organisations throughout the UK, Middle East, Asia and Europe. Both short term and long term placements together with associated Oracle services.

A true focus

We focus on Oracle infrastructure, applications, technologies & database only. This enables development of a deeper and, what we believe is a more trusted database of candidates.


Our offering to our clients is built with Failsafe. We provide leading consultants and personnel and have fall-back processes in the event our resource does not perform to your expectations.

Deeper assessment

We believe we assess our candidates to a more granular level. Not just to the technology or application level, but to the module, feature or other defining level. We assess capabilities that augment the candidates area of expertise. We also query frameworks, methods and strategies that are employed and valued by the candidate. And candidate aspirations are critical to our knowledge base.

We provide flexibility and value

We afford new clients flexibility and value, as an alternative resourcing organisation to traditional employment / recruitment companies or large monolithic consultancies.

Our Oracle Recruitment Focus and Specialisations

We are a focused Oracle Recruitment Agency dedicated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, ERP, EPM, HCM, SCM, CX, Analytics, Machine Learning and AI, and Oracle Database.

Potential clients please go here to submit your resource requirements. Candidates please go here to submit your CV, so that we can learn about you.

Oracle ERP Recruitment

Oracle ERP recruitment specialists. Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning recruitment services.

Oracle EPM Recruitment

Oracle EPM recruitment specialists. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management recruitment.

Oracle HCM Recruitment

Oracle HCM recruitment specialists. Oracle Human Capital Management recruitment.

Oracle SCM Recruitment

Oracle SCM recruitment specialists. Oracle Supply Chain Management recruitment.

Oracle CX / CRM Recruitment

Oracle CX / CRM recruitment specialists. Oracle Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management recruitment.

Oracle Analytics Recruitment

Oracle Analytics recruitment specialists. We search for leading Oracle Analytics consultants via our recruitment arm.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Recruitment

Oracle OCI Recruitment Specialist. Oracle recruitment and personnel services.

Oracle Integrations Recruitment

Oracle Integrations Recruitment Specialist. Across Oracle Integrations Cloud and on-prem integrations.

Oracle DBAs and Database Administrators Recruitment

We source and provide leading Oracle DBA consultants for your industry needs.

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Focused on Oracle as a leading Oracle Recruitment Agency Services provider.

Specialising in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, ERP, EPM, HCM, SCM, CX, Machine Learning, AI, Analytics and Database

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