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If you are an experienced Oracle specialist please submit your CV so that we can be made aware of your experience and knowledge areas, and for a discussion with our team where appropriate opportunities arise. We are a resource centric organisation and believe that our people are our greatest asset, embracing an ethos where we recognise that Our People Are Our Success.

RiseSI offers both Oracle consulting services and a recruitment service to our clients, so please submit your CV to us as there may be a new opportunity opening just around the corner.

Wherever you may be we are always looking for dedicated Oracle specialists who have experience in Oracle applications, technologies, database, and service and project management.

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Take your time completing the form that you are linked through to. This will be held on our database according to GDPR requirements and our internal policies. 

“Other” boxes are provided for you to add extra information that is relevant to your application. 

Please provide a well rounded profile of your experience and capabilities, including values and aims.

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