Our Oracle Consulting Services

Providing leading services in Oracle consulting and Oracle resource placement.

Our Services

At RISE.S.I we provide dedicated Oracle Cloud application, technology and database services that are tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation. 

We offer an all encompassing service, providing individual Oracle placement requirements via our recruitment and personnel arm, manage your entire Oracle implementation end to end, and offer managed and support services.

We provide a value proposition where we focus on your business objectives, to support and deliver your business priorities, providing the capabilities you demand that empower your team and support your organisation on it’s data driven, core application and automation journey.

RiseSI, where Our People Are Our Success.

Oracle Placement & Resourcing Services

We are dedicated to sourcing personnel we believe are vested to deliver, and match with our company values & ethos.

Oracle Cloud Implementation Services

Dedicated to sourcing high level teams, with leading consultants certified and experienced to execute.

Oracle Cloud Support & Managed Services

A ticketing system to call off support tickets on demand as required, or managed services for ongoing requirements.

Proof of Concept, Fixed Price Offerings (POCs)

We see value in presenting Out Of the Box offerings / POC's for your assessment. We focus on iteration and agile methods to enhance value.

Business Data and Enterprise Analytics Consulting

We are dedicated to assisting organisations on their journey to becoming truly data driven.

Cost Management

We provide cost reduction analysis and support, ensuring efficiencies are found and gained.

Applications & Technologies

We focus on Oracle ERP, EPM, HCM, SCM as well as Analytics, Machine Learning & AI and Database.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities are focused around ensuring that your enterprise functions are delicately cared for, and positioned for innovation and progress. 

We understand IT and the business objectives that you strive for, and at the core of our work ensure we focus on achieving the capabilities and measures that enable success, meeting your critical business objectives. 

We understand the delicate importance of data and the visibility into operations analytics and finance that is required today, and we bring together leading minds and Oracle systems integrators who are vested to deliver.


Our consulting team are experienced leaders in IT, data, process & integration analysis to ensure success emanating from your business objectives.

Architecture & Integration

Our architects and integrations experts are Oracle Certified have significant experience.

Project & Change Management

Our team brings deep project and change management experience.

Risk & Governance

We have a strong background in risk management and governance. Let's not just talk about it and work on it, let's ensure it happens.

Business Value (Objective) Focused

We are focused on maximising business value, by focusing on your business objectives, and considering all aspects of current digital, data, standardisation and modernisation opportunities.

Data & Business Analytics

We focus on data, business analytics and advanced technologies as this is where enriching value can be found. We add value to support you on your data driven journey with various methods and frameworks, in conjunction with Oracle Data Management, Machine Learning, AI and Analytics.

Oracle Cost Management

Working with Oracle services means that we are acutely aware of where cost management should focused. We add value by being a trusted partner in cost analysis and finding additional efficiencies.


We search for and unearth valued Oracle specialists. We are ethical, dedicated and values focused. We choose to work with people who meet our company standards & ethos.

Our Specialisation

We are an organisation wholly committed to Oracle Cloud applications, technologies, automation and database. We source leading and dedicated candidates for both consulting and placement requirements, stand by our implementation solutions and people, and provide dedicated support and partner management.

Dedicated & Focused on Oracle Cloud Enterprise Applications, Automation and Database

Leading Oracle application, technology and automation services for your requirements

Deeper domain knowledge and a greater talent pool as we are Oracle focused