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With Oracle ERP Cloud, RISE.S.I Oracle ERP consultants and personnel deliver a modern, and industry leading Enterprise Resource Planning solution in the Cloud. 

Your RISE.S.I ERP consultants are carefully sourced and vetted to ensure successful outcomes for your organisation.

Some of the high level reasons for adopting Oracle ERP Cloud in your organisation:

  • Automated processes such as Oracle patching of software multiple times throughout the year ensure your system receives the latest updates, automatically.
  • An Oracle ERP Cloud solution will reduce Capex expense and likely reduce your Opex expense, by reducing the need to purchased expensive hardware and software, also reducing your need for IT staff. This frees your team to focus more time and effort on applying your Oracle ERP capabilities to your business, rather than working on complicated and time/resource consuming installation, upgrade and and ongoing support requirements with significant IT overhead.
  • Oracle ERP Cloud includes advanced technologies, and constantly receives new technology features and improvements, for example evolving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities. These capabilities are standard in Oracle ERP Cloud modules, enabling a compound move from not just automation of process yet now providing for automation of decision making, something data hungry companies should be yearning for.

You may be running an old ERP rolled out years ago and be concerned about complex and expensive installation costs or upgrades, yet that impact is reduced with an Oracle Cloud ERP implementation. You can also run a hybrid on-prem / Cloud Oracle ERP solution to take advantage of the seamless updates and constantly evolving Cloud features and innovations embedded in an Oracle Cloud ERP solution. Now may just be that time for a modern platform.

Oracle ERP Consultants

RISE.S.I is a London UK based Oracle ERP systems integrator and personnel supplier specialising in Oracle Cloud enterprise applications, providing resources, consultancy, managed and support services. See detailed information for Oracle ERP Cloud at here, or continue reading below to read about some of the benefits of an Oracle ERP Cloud solution, and what RISE.S.I can do for you.

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Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud ERP Consulting London UK

Some benefits of Oracle ERP Cloud to your organisation

Ready adoption of evolving SaaS technology

Because it is SaaS, it will always evolve and develop without the usual need for significant changes and upgrades. The latest technologies and capabilities are embedded and will evolve over time.

Extend the value of your existing On-Prem ERP

Cloud ERP will complement your existing on prem ERP. You can ignite business capabilities and add value, without massive disruption to your existing operations and systems.

Enhanced security

Cloud security and threats are covered by 24 hour a day / 7 day a week Oracle teams and security specialists, constantly monitoring for security threats. This means that there is a central authority and team dedicated to providing the highest levels of security for Oracle Cloud applications.

Oracle Financials Consulting London UK

Oracle Financials Cloud

Oracle Financials enables a complete view of your financial position. With RISE.S.I Oracle ERP Financials consultants, your organisation will have the ability to view results so that you can react quickly, providing a foundation to your agility.

Oracle Procurement Consulting London UK

Oracle Procurement Cloud

Oracle ERP Procurement enables streamlined and integrated source-to-pay with an intuitive user experience. 

Advanced inbuilt analytics and AI/ML, together with collaboration simplifying supplier management allows for better supplier selection, compliant spending and improves profitability.

Oracle Risk Management and Compliance Consulting London UK

Oracle Risk Management & Compliance

Build a risk intelligent culture with Oracle Risk Management and Compliance. Built in AI within Oracles leading Risk Management and Compliance module provides improved security and protects against fraud and tampering.

Oracle PPM Project Management Consulting London UK

Oracle Project Management

Oracle Project Management enables you to:

  • assign the right talent
  • balance capacity against demand
  • scale resources up or down quickly as needs change.

Oracle AI for Apps for ERP

In a disruptive age AI apps for ERP enable you to progress your ERP and test cutting edge capabilities. Improved performance, optimised processes, and increased automation are some of the benefits Oracle AI Apps provide.

Oracle ERP Analytics

Enriched analytics for Oracle Cloud ERP that helps finance and procurement professionals uncover underlying drivers of profitability, improve the use of working capital, and control business expenditures.

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