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We provide sentiment analytic capabilities, empowering small, medium and large organisations

Sentiment analysis consulting services to provide your organisation with the tools to understand customer and team sentiment, and respond.

Leading sentiment analysis consulting and analytic solutions

For small and medium businesses to enterprise size organisations, we provide you with the tools, resources and the capability to understand and respond to text sentiment. We understand your business objectives, and we work with you to ensure that value is delivered.

RISE.S.I is a technology company utilising advance analytics, AI and Machine Learning to empower businesses everywhere to compete and thrive in the modern data-driven ecosystem. We empower forward thinking organisations to interpret and act on business insight at scale and in real-time through more relevant and engaging experiences – ensuring the decisions that our clients make directly impact your business objective priorities, enhancing value, reducing cost and mitigating risk.

RISE.S.I provides packaged services to ensure we don’t only deliver the sentiment analysis capability you are looking for, but we empower your organisation to prospect, learn, respond and advance.

People, process and innovation to advance

At RISE.S.I we believe in great people, focus and leading solutions that allow you to prospect, learn, respond and advance with Oracle Analytics Cloud, Machine Learning and AI.

As we support you to solve your sentiment analysis needs we are also happy to work with you on your digital and data transformation vision, helping your organisation to advance.

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Pre-packaged Sentiment Analysis Solutions

Our pre-packaged Sentiment solutions provide you with easy to use capabilities. We do the work for you implementing the solution, or we can provide as-a-service offerings.

Sentiment Analysis Cloud Services

Cloud Provisioned Advanced Analytics

We believe Cloud based services are superior, as they will continually evolve and provide you with greater agility. Because of this we only work with Cloud technologies.

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Creating Value And Achieving Your Business Objectives

At RISE.S.I our focus is on the business value that your organisation is striving for. We add value while implementing leading solutions for your Sentiment Analysis needs.

Our Tools and Methodologies
Reasons to Embed Sentiment Analysis Capabilities...

There are multiple business reasons to embed sentiment analysis into your organisation. Below are a few that we consider relevant to most organisations.

Social Media Monitoring

Sentiment analysis capabilities allow businesses to mine social media data and extract the feelings that underlie social media conversations, to understand how people are talking about your company, a given product or topic, and why.

Customer Support Analysis

For all organisations, providing outstanding customer service experiences should be a priority.

We all recognise that great customer service is a key factor to choose and stay loyal to a brand.

Fortunately, sentiment analysis can help you make your customer support interactions faster and more effective.

Market Research

Want to collect insights on customer feelings, experiences, and needs relating to a marketing campaign for a new product release?

Sentiment analysis can help monitor online conversations about a specific marketing campaign, so you can see how it’s performing.