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2022 Year In Review

What did we get up to and what did we do? We thought it would be a nice thing to talk about a few of the happenings that took place for us, during our year 2022.

We worked towards internal goals, found our first clients, and confirmed important partnerships.

We reaffirmed that we have a people first culture, critiqued processes that support this foundation and continued working at proving the benefits of this philosophy and what it can mean. Core values that we articulate in writing, and have of our Clients, People and Partners were re-reviewed to ensure we never lose sight of the most important values we hold, and look for in our clients, people, and partners.

We proved that we value working with, and that our service offerings resonate with small, medium, and very large size organisations. We proved that we afford flexibility and value.

Under an as-a-service offering we began working with one of the most high-tech manufacturers in the marine industry. Working with the leadership team and owners on process considerations, advancing their data driven priorities, and strategies and technologies to continue evolving as leaders in their field.

We provided service to Fortune 500 companies, one of which had very specific requirements and had been searching for appropriate resource to support their needs for quite some time. We formally presented a recommendation that we believed would provide for the outcome that they were searching for, for their great team. We were successful, providing quick time to value for that organisation.

We identified great Oracle EPMers and ERP experts, integrations and Cloud infrastructure experts and other Oracle specialists, of varying nationalities, who spoke of their aim for application and solution excellence, modernisation, extending capabilities, and extending themselves. We also reviewed the ability to deliver under a model which is efficient yet of heightened value to the organisations we can supply. Doing something which has a greater level of meaning to some at a certain point in their careers, out from underneath a large and potentially unwieldy provider in instances, into a more dynamic, cross functional and value driven environment.

We looked carefully at CX, and ways to prove the critical link between improving Customer Experience (CX) results and corresponding value and profitability improvement to the organisation. We proved how greater average transaction values and increased frequency of purchase were associated with stronger CX KPI’s, proving the importance of CX to the bottom line. We focused on desired outcomes – value, understanding if improved CX results provide value (profitability) gain for the organisation, and that a consolidated view of CX metrics support us to move towards our goals, such as validating if improvements have taken place or targets were achieved.

Our leading DBA spoke of the aim within database management services to not merely be a utility provider, but more importantly to provide service as a strategic resource and partner, under a service offering model, or via placements with top tier resources.

We continued working on defence and travel and tourism initiatives, and on a delicate change where translation between languages is required.

At the same time, management tools, frameworks and methodologies were completed and re-reviewed to support our work effort with clients. Best practice processes were always considered, and integrated wherever possible. This is to ensure our processes and knowledge base that support transition and transform with standout Oracle technologies are always up to date. We met with Gartner.

Our internal review process was implemented to ensure that what we are stating we will do as a company, will be done. We confirmed our policies are integral to decency and professionalism. Code of Conduct, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption, Data Protection, Environmental, Health and Safety, Quality Assurance, Modern Slavery, Diversity and Equality policies.

We confirmed that we will be supplying a small number of laptops to families in need, to equalise opportunity. Another is pending yet will be available soon. And in one great moment for our young company, we were told that for all future requirements, a world leading science and technology organisation, would always come to us in the first instance.


What makes us different?

We provide our service as a niche consultancy dedicated to Oracle enterprise applications, technologies and database, where we understand that Our People Are Our Success.

We are a small, close knit team of committed professionals, with links to some of the very best UK and offshore resources where required, and have a mission to advance human and organisational capabilities.

We enable and help pave the way as you transition and transform.

See this post on our LinkedIn company page here.

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